All about the Minis...

Back in the SHOP -- Restocked on tubing -- This tubing is extruded with slightly larger inner diameter (as in the last batches too)  to allow the magnets to turn and move within the tubing. This allows better performance in vertical and 3D planes.

Currently I'm focused primarily on the Mini Trios. This is the design I feel is the most compelling and unique. Just excited to share and get ahead on the MAKING! 
Happy to be get getting assistance from Brad in the HoopSHOP to get ahead on inventory. Soon I will have 10 class sets in addition to brand spanking new hoops ready to ship!

Here's a video from my SXSW Austin performance with The Golden Dawn Arkestra. I perform music in this band and also do a little hoop act too! The beginning features the minis! Thanks for visiting! Cheers! Laura

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