Maghoops Shop closed 2/14-3/4. New Styles Coming!

Yesterday I took fun pic of some gold and silver trios stacked on one another. Maghoops look great in layers!
Thank you to everyone that has ordered the mini trio sets. It's really where my passion lies because of the uniqueness of this 3 ring prop. 
The shop is undergoing a transition - I'm going to likely be discontinuing some of the larger anti-twins and sticking with more minis. 
Neon colors of pink/yellow/orange are almost out of stock and will be discontinued.
All of my tubing has to be custom extruded so soon I will have a new color line introduced for naked styles. Any ideas?
I'm thinking white-gold-metallic polypro. Please suggest any ideas! I do love the metallic blue colors too. Keep in mind the shop will be closed for 3 weeks in February - orders can be received but shipping will resume after March 4. Thanks for playing and contact me anytime for questions / Skype "geeking" / or anything! I'm here for you!
Laura Scarborough.

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