My Maghoops Life Update: Practice.

I believe in the art of "practice."


These are the beautiful Gail O'Brien's feet - one of my hoop heros. She knows what's up. 

Maybe everything in life is a practice with which we create discipline with. The art of finding pleasure in things that perhaps we don't "enjoy" is a practice.

Healthy eating choices, returning calls, meeting deadlines, reading and learning, spending time in nature, being punctual, growing your business and skills - it's all a practice. Embracing the time it takes to get past the challenges of learning something new is a practice.

Tonight I've been exploring how to improve my website here at

I'm excited to be rolling out some new (overdue!) video and product content. I really believe in all the infinite possibilities these Maghoops can help us explore.
I know I've cracked the surface, but my mission is to provide more information and beautiful, well built products that will inspire and challenge you to go further into your own discovery & practice.

I look forward to sharing more in the future. LS