January 2019 FINAL CLOSE OUT

In January 2019 we will have a final close out of all remaining sets of Maghoops.
Shop is closed for now until final inventory is determined. We apologize for any inconvenience. Feel free to email Laura hoopcircle@gmail.com for any questions / info. Thank you all!


Clearance SALE -- $15 OFF ALL STYLE SETS! -- 
Limited number of sets left -- Pick up a set  before inventory runs out!
Happy Hooping!

Summer 2018 / Clearance Sale Coming Soon

Soon Maghoops is going to be clearing out all inventory.
Once all inventory is gone we will be closing the doors - so if you've been thinking about ordering a set, do it soon while supplies last. More info coming soon! Any questions or custom orders, please contact us! Laura

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Maghoops & Superhooper combine forces!

Exciting news! Maghoops has partnered with Superhooper to improve product design, expand, create content. Melissa and I have been getting the Maghoops in more hands and it's just been such a blast! Maghoops Official Instagram is cooking with some great content and inspiration. I'm spending more time coming out to California to teach workshops. The next workshop will be in Carpenteria, CA - the Hoop Performance Intensive 2017 with other incredible instructors. Check out the Event / Buy Tix Here. Please drop us a line anytime with questions and ideas. OOO In Hoopiness, Laura  

Maghoops Workshop Scheduled Dec 28, 2016

Maghoops is partnering with Superhooper in Anaheim, CA to host a Maghoops Exploration Hoopshop!
Full Details here at
Laura Scarborough will be sharing movement techniques including driving, floating, bouncing, folding, isolating, spinning, & transitioning  -- as well as ideas for building hoop performances, partnering and more. See more details below and at workshop link!

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New Store Item: The Joziii Trio Set

Cool Video released today of Jozette Gordon with her Maghoops flow shared by the Flow Arts Institute.

Jozette's custom Maghoop set includes 3 rings with 2 magnets each allowing for more illusions / possibilities.

Because this style has been requested by so many customers, we're adding it to the store.
The Joziii Silver Trio set will be on sale until Dec 17th for $120. ($20 off!) -- Christmastime is Here!

Watch Jozette's beautiful video for some flow and idea inspiration. Yessss!

Maghoops: Create New Possibility!

Hello and Welcome!

Let's explore new possibilities in hooping and object manipulation!

Playing with Maghoops allows you to "float" a hoop without touching it!



See Videos for demonstrations of the 3 Primary Maghoop Designs: Mini Trio Set, Anti-Twins, and Super-Twins.



Maghoops are Patented.  61/515,573.