New Store Item: The Joziii Trio Set

Cool Video released today of Jozette Gordon with her Maghoops flow shared by the Flow Arts Institute.

Jozette's custom Maghoop set includes 3 rings with 2 magnets each allowing for more illusions / possibilities.

Because this style has been requested by so many customers, we're adding it to the store.
The Joziii Silver Trio set will be on sale until Dec 17th for $120. ($20 off!) -- Christmastime is Here!

Watch Jozette's beautiful video for some flow and idea inspiration. Yessss!

Maghoops & Superhooper combine forces!

Exciting news! Maghoops has partnered with Superhooper to improve product design, expand, create content. Melissa and I have been getting the Maghoops in more hands and it's just been such a blast! Maghoops Official Instagram is cooking with some great content and inspiration. I'm spending more time coming out to California to teach workshops. The next workshop will be in Carpenteria, CA - the Hoop Performance Intensive 2017 with other incredible instructors. Check out the Event / Buy Tix Here. Please drop us a line anytime with questions and ideas. OOO In Hoopiness, Laura  

Maghoops Workshop Scheduled Dec 28, 2016

Maghoops is partnering with Superhooper in Anaheim, CA to host a Maghoops Exploration Hoopshop!
Full Details here at
Laura Scarborough will be sharing movement techniques including driving, floating, bouncing, folding, isolating, spinning, & transitioning  -- as well as ideas for building hoop performances, partnering and more. See more details below and at workshop link!

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Sustained Spin with Anti-Twins!

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Next generation Tri Colored Minis!

New tubing has arrived and we are in the hoop shop getting ahead on inventory. I'm loving the next generation of colors - Blue/Yellow/Pink.
Representing the masculine and feminine and light being between the two.

Practicing with these triage of colors creates beautiful metaphor of yin and yang in ourselves, the joy between, and understanding balance and attraction.

The art of Maghoops is truly about listening & feeling to understand attraction.
We cannot simply "will" our power and desire onto them (i.e... expecting them to do "what we want")
It's a dance of exploration and "feel" and can be another wonderful teacher in the art of circular as well as magnetic natures. 




Maghoops: Create New Possibility!

Hello and Welcome!

Let's explore new possibilities in hooping and object manipulation!

Playing with Maghoops allows you to "float" a hoop without touching it!



See Videos for demonstrations of the 3 Primary Maghoop Designs: Mini Trio Set, Anti-Twins, and Super-Twins.



Maghoops are the design concept of Laura Scarborough and are currently developed and manufactured in Austin, TX.
Maghoops patent pending. 61/515,573.